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Be clear and precise

​An explainer video is like an elevator pitch; A short video sequence, usually between 20 - 60 seconds, that describes your message, your concept or your vision. With sharp storytelling it explains who you are. It will inspire and convince - and it will make your potential customers stop their internet scrolling and commit to your story. With an explainer video you can replace long text explanations with a catchy video sequence, that will presumably result in a much better conversion rate.

​”My message is too complicated to explain in a minute!”

That's simply just not the case. No message is too complicated to explain in an explainer video - it's just about developing a sharp storyboard and a clear end goal for the explainer. Do you want to explain the benefits of your product? Familiarize the viewer with technical characteristics? Or explain why your team is just right for a task? 

The explainer is an opportunity to get the dialogue started with a potential customer. And at Egraphics, where we prepare all illustrations and animation ourselves, we (and therefore you!) have full control over how your message is communicated and visualized. Egraphics is happy to help you.

Watch some of our examples bellow:

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