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Animations, ambitions and gooood energy

Good content is key. Good content increases your credibility and your conversions. And if your content plays together well, it is even better. That is our core competence: to make your animation content fit with your visual identity and create a red thread between it all - wether it is in explainer videos, SoMe posts, infographics, icon animations or the like.

Our animations capture your customers' attention and interest. They ensure that for instance a remarkable blog post doesn't get overlooked and end up gathering dust in a corner of your website. And they make you stand out in the crowd.

Egraphics is family - in the literal sense of the word as well! The business is run by the siblings Emil and Anne Ejlerskov, who, with equal parts of youthful passion and punctuality, tackle your animation tasks. We believe that this energy can be felt in both our collaborations and in our finished animations. Anne is educated in the field of communications and has previously run a company that thrived on bringing textual content to life on social media. Emil is the company's illustrator and animatior. He ensures that our clients always receive sharp design and smooth animations.

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